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About Us

Citi Health Home Care Services Inc. is an NYC Licensed Home Health Care Agency. Committed to serving residents since March 2005. We stand dedicated and ready to provide quality care service to clients in community nursing services discharged from hospitals.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Help, Educate, and Empower people from all walks of life into believing in themselves, living responsibly, and attaining freedom through faith and love while serving others. Here at Citi Health, we take pride in serving our local residents by assigning trusted professional Health Aides to assist them in their daily lives and activities.

The Home Health Aides and Personal Care Assistants employed with us must be certified by the state and trained within our company on the order of conduct and operations Citi Health was built on. We make sure that our aides are trained into representing our Integrity, Moral to serve with dedication, faith, and love. 

To ensure our patients are constantly cared for, they are visited within 24 hours after discharge. The Nurse and Home Care Coordinator may decide the plan of care and services to be provided to the patient with the Physician’s approval. The frequency of the visits would be determined based on the patients' needs that the Doctor identifies to be met. In the case where a patient is discharged from a hospital in need of assistance inside of their home due to acute illnesses; the visits are tapered when a patient’s condition stabilizes. The patient is discharged when he/she reaches his/her optimum level of functioning. Therapists may also visit on a more frequent basis, as needed.

Citi Health was founded by Dr. Fanell Alerte, an M.D, who has an exceptional track record as a medical doctor with over 20 years in the field of working with distressed and underserved populations of Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and East Flatbush area of Central Brooklyn. Dr. Alerte also participated in the successful delivery of the PCAP (Perinatal Care Assistance Program) to these communities for over 15 years.  During his time as an M.D., Dr. Alerte recognized the need to establish programs providing access to health and social services for families in predominantly underserved populations.


Care Is Easier Than Ever!

Let us treat your loved ones like family. Call us directly — 718-856-6800

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