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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Home Health Care?
    Professional home health care includes a wide range of skilled medical and support services in the home, usually under a doctor’s orders. The goal of home health care is to treat the illness or injury and help an individual recover, regain independence, and become self-sufficient.
  • Who Should Consider Home Health Care?
    Home health care is for people of all ages. It is often ordered by a doctor after a person comes home from the hospital. However, others may find it helpful: Individuals with complex medical needs, or whose treatment requires special medical equipment or careful monitoring. Individuals who return home after surgery or an injury and need medical care or supervision, or assistance with self-care, household tasks, and errands or appointments. Family caregivers who are concerned about loved ones’ cognitive impairment or behavioral health needs. Seniors with a disability or chronic illness, who can live independently with some help. Individuals with a terminal illness. New mothers and their infants, who require assistance with the transition from a nurse skilled in maternal postpartum care.
  • What is Private Care?
    Private care is home care that you pay for privately, out of your own pocket or with long-term care insurance. For several reasons, many seniors and their families choose to pay for private home health care out-of-pocket. First, paying out-of-pocket gives you greater flexibility in the type and amount of services you order. In some cases, a patient’s Medicare coverage or other private insurance coverage may not pay for all of the home health care services you need or want. It may be that the benefits have been exhausted, or perhaps the patient’s medical needs do not qualify them for covered home care services. Second, you can avoid the restrictions and limits of programs provided by the government or private insurers. Finally, paying for home care may be a less costly alternative to a nursing home or assisted living placement.
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